Meerut: Life is not confined in the restrictions of religion and caste, which proved by two women in Anand Hospital Meerut. Two women of different religions did not only save life by giving kidney to each other’s husband but also an example of religious harmony and humility. Kidney swap transplanted under the leadership of Dr. Sandeep Garg (Nephrologist) and Dr. Shalin Sharma (Urologist) at Anand Hospital.

Lalkaranis Patient of Bareli, his wife Saroj has blood group A positive. While the other patient, Mohammad Aaslam’s blood group B positive and his wife Saira’s blood group was “A positive”. Dr. Sandeep Garg advised both of them to give kidney to each other two months ago, which cost them half as well. Saira’s kidney transplant to Lalkaran was done a week ago, while Saroj’s kidney transplant to Mohammed Aslam was implanted. In a press conference at Anand Hospital on Friday, Dr. Sandeep said that their kidney transplant cost only 5.75 lakhs, while there is double cost of kidney transplantation in the Cross Blood Group. In the seven years so far 80 transplants have been done, but this case is unique. This message will make be the solidarity in society. In the team of operation Dr. Sanjay Agrawal, Dr. Gaurav Agrawal, Dr. NP Singh and others were also involved.

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