Cancer Specialist Hospital in Meerut, India

The oncology department is a branch of medicine that studies tumors and seeks to understand their growth, diagnosis, treatments and prevention. The physicians practicing oncology are known as oncologists. These oncologists coordinate with the pathologists to understand the exact biological nature of a tumor under treatment and follow a multi-disciplinary caring approach for cancer patients that include clinical genetics, counselling and physiotherapy.

The Oncology Department at Anand Hospital has best cancer specialist of India indulged in the treatment of various kinds of Cancers and tumours. The department includes various disciplines of palliative medicine, surgical, medical, and radiation oncology. The cancer specialist team provides a multi-disciplinary, super-speciality healing approach to all kinds of cancers such as blood cancers and solid tumours with a comprehensive range of cancer care services in India.

The oncology services at the hospital include an approach to screen, diagnose and treat the patients suffering from cancer. Our up to date technologies, diagnostic services and radiation and chemotherapy protocols offers comprehensive care to our cancer / tumours patients.

Anand Hospital is the best multi-specialist hospital in Meerut. It also offers healthcare services that include: Cardiology, Gastrology, ENT, and Neurological services in Meerut.

India’s best cancer specialist in our oncology department-

We make our patients available with latest treatment protocols. The doctors in the oncology department of Anand Hospital specialize in treatment of cancer in brain, prostate cancer, breast cancer and cancer in the digestive system. Our multi-disciplinary team of oncologists works in collaboration with surgeons, radiologists, pathologists and other health care specialists to make sure that optimal treatment regimen are offered to the patients. Our team also includes physicians who are trained in most advanced non-invasive and surgical treatment methods and they actively participate in discussions and decisions relating to operations and treatments to be offered to the cancer patients.

The branch of Oncology deals with:

  • Diagnosis of cancer
  • Therapy (e.g. Chemotherapy, surgery, and other modalities)
  • After treatment Follow-up of cancer patients
  • Palliative care of patients with terminal malignancies

The Oncology Department at Anand Hospital in meerut is headed by best cancer specialist of India, dedicated to offer preventive and screening facilities for cancer patients and performs all cancer surgeries. The department of Oncology at the Hospital offers All Cancer Surgeries including:

  • All GI related Cancers
  • Head and Neck Cancers
  • Gynaecological Oncology
  • Breast & Thoracic Cancers
  • All Genito Urinary Cancers
  • Paediatric cancer surgeries
  • All Retroperitoneal tumours
  • All Bone and Soft tissue tumours
  • Chemotherapies of all Solid Tumours
  • Palliation and Pain Relief in Advanced Cancers
  • The latest technique like Radio Frequency Ablation and Photo Dynamic Therapy & Laser Surgery

The Oncology Department of India

The Anand hospital is dedicated at offering health care services in India to improve quality of life of patients and in alleviating suffering. Our cancer treatments include the services of rehabilitation, physical therapy, nutritional support, symptoms and pain management, spiritual care, psychological counselling and home care support. An oncologist is available 24×7 at the hospital to provide optimum oncology care and update evaluations as required for palliative care patients. To accommodate our patient’s needs at its best we constantly improve the delivery of our health care services and establish effective quality control procedures.

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