In House Kitchen

  • Healthy eating is important for everyone, be it good or ill. However, due to diverse dietary needs of the population, offering appropriate nutrition in Hospital settings is a challenging task. The taste of food is not sufficient; it is also important to take into consideration the nutrition requirements of individuals of different age groups, with different medical conditions.
  • The Anand Multi Speciality hospital has its own in-house kitchen that is run by experienced cooks and waiters. The Kitchen is the main part of every hospital that takes the responsibility to serve required nutrition and diet for the patients. Medicines alone cannot improve the health condition of the patient and thus food is essential for medicines to improve the health of the patient.
  • We make sure that the kitchen is well maintained and the hygiene and cleanliness give utmost importance. A good combination of Food and Fluids is essential to improve the health of patients. The In-House Kitchen and catering service is of vital importance for every hospital for the provision of good quality meals to the patients, the staff and the visitors. In addition to this, the catering team also offers a coffee shop and all vending services.
  • Our In-house Kitchen and catering service at Anand Hospital is committed to high quality assurance for the provision of excellent food that offers best nutritional value. Our cooks, take a less technology intensive approach in preparing food and offer the food that has a nutritionally balanced mix of ingredients – raw, partly cooked and fully cooked.

We offer –

  • Providing varied and a appetising menu.
  • Aiding the faster recovery of patients with nutritious, healthy meal cooked in the traditional manner.
  • Offering catering service that caters to all kinds of dietary requirements and appetite.
  • Delivering the exact meal requirements to the patients at appropriate times and appropriate temperature.
  • Providing a high quality catering service that is as per your needs.

Your nutritional needs-

For improvised health of the patients, a balanced diet is critical or otherwise the poor diet can lead to delay in recovery. Where poor intake can increase the patient’s susceptibility to infections and reduced physical strength, healthy eating can also be inappropriate in recovery from acute illness. Thus, it is crucial that the patient is assisted by a dietician to get the menu decided for daily intake.

At Anand Hospital, the patients will be referred to a dietician for their dietary requirements that will aid them in speedy recovery from the medical condition. Poor diet also leads to depression, anxiety and apathy symptoms and thus if the patients need any assistance in eating food, they can call the nurses for assistance.

Our expertise and innovation in hospital nutritional food supplies is unmatched and can help you in making your stay at the hospital as much comfortable as possible.

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