Our Infrastructure

Situated on Garh Road near medical college, Meerut, the Anand Hospital offers good infrastructure facilities. The unparalleled standards of quality health care services are focussed at offering medical excellence to the patients for their treatment. The quality of services offered to the patients gives Anand hospital a cutting edge advantage. The hospital is 300 bedded and the building is centrally air conditioned. The architect design of hospital is structured in order to have proper ventilation in almost every corner. Making an efficacious use of earthquake resistant architecture and construction material, the hospital building is well structured. The building has uninterrupted power supplay and is well equipped with fire fighting equipments.

Matched to meet the needs of modern diagnostic and therapeutic techniques, the building has centralised computer network. Our health care team consists of highly talented and trained medical professionals who are adept enough to handle every situation with composure and relative ease.

The hospital is in proximity to Meerut residents and is first comprehensive, multi speciality health care setup in Western UP and Uttarakhand. The hospital is well equipped with latest state-of-the-art equipments for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes.  The hospital offers health care facilities in a myriad of sectors such as OPD, Emergency services, Blood Bank facilities, IPD services, Holistic Services, Dermatology, Gynae, Paediatrics, physiotherapy, respiratory internal medicine and much more.

The Anand hospital is well equipped with modern technology designed to optimise manpower, land and energy. The hospital uses labour-saving technologies that maximise operational efficiency and effectiveness. The cheerful interior design of the hospital is conducive to patient’s faster recovery and rehabilitation. The friendly ambience of the hospital and our cheerful team pays attention to well being of patients and improvement in patient care services.

The hospital uses a wide range of technological facilities to diagnose and treat various ailments that are amongst the best roads to recovery. We believe in offering best quality services by harnessing information technology to provide better, cheaper and faster services to our patients.

We at Anand Hospital are committed to protect the environment for well being of patients, their families, our staff members and society on the whole. We comply with relevant environmental, health and safety legislations by implementing a proper management system. We make sure to recycle, reuse and reduce waste.  Our proactive approach to hazardous waste management and environmental and health safety, we tend to prevent pollution, ill health and injuries. Our staff members promote safety and efficient use of resources. Our environment friendly practices around the hospital creates a tranquil and restful environment for our patients. We at Anand Hospital work as a “green” team for enhanced environmental performance and improvements. Our organization aims at making outstanding contributions to the protection of the local environment.

Lobby Area

Blood Bank

Radiology and Console Room

Pathology Labs

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