In House Pharmacy Meerut

The emergencies could knock your door anytime and the patient might require certain medications that you may not normally keep in your inventory. We can help you with these emergency medications needs via our In-house pharmacy facilities. Anand Hospital keeps in stock all the prescription drugs necessary for your patient’s care, offering the manufacturer’s backed quality and expertise. We offer complete professional medical services whenever the patient needs. Our staff members are experienced in administering medication and can also assist you with certain advices and suggestions on how to give the needed medications.

We keep in stock all the medications from routinely to special medications. Our In-House pharmacy is well stocked with a multitude of medications that will offer your family member the best possible health care and treatment.  Keeping our pharmacy open also ensures that you always have a quick access to most effective medications in the market for your family member.

The role of In-house pharmacy at Anand Hospital

In-house pharmacy at Anand Hospital takes care of the patients by dispensing the necessary medications that they may need and also providing the essential information and advice to their caretakers about these medications. Our pharmacy is well equipped with a team of qualified professionals and pharmacists who dedicatedly offer pharmaceutical services to the inpatients and outpatients. Also, our pharmacy offers services to our consultants and staff at the hospital.

We at Anand Hospital offer a range of services that includes-

Advantages of our In-house Pharmacy

  • Well educated, experienced and qualified pharmacists are an important part of a health care team. The pharmacists can directly communicate with your doctors if required to understand your particular prescription needs and your treatment plan.
  • The medications can also be delivered to the bedside of patient with no additional costs.
  • Before you leave the hospital, you can get all your health care supplies and prescription medications.

Compared to the outside pharmacies, you can get your medical supplies at competitive prices.

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