Why Us?

The services we offer to our patients make us stand tall in the crowd. Our missions and values are a strong foundation for everything we do. The framework of our core values will determine what our priorities are and how will achieve them. We are dedicated to offer holistic care and special attention to our patients being spiritually centered on improving the health of individuals and communities advocating compassion in our endeavors and in our words.

  • We tend to deliver family centered health care for our patients. Our services are highly quality oriented, providing a unique and extraordinary care infants, children, young adults and elders.
  • Our comprehensive medical staff offers dedicated services and most specialised medical care across UP through our exclusively designed programs for each and every age group.
  • Our team of caring Experienced doctors, Physicians and staff members are virtually available every hour of the site every day of the week
  • Through collective and collaborative efforts of our staff, we create solutions that are beneficial to our patients.
  • We are devoted to enhancing the quality of our health care services through education and research in an environment encouraging learning and excellence of practice
  • Adhering to an uncompromising code of ethics, Anand Hospital emphasises on sincerity, transparency and honesty in patient care services. We earn the trust of patients and their families in our services through our words and actions and always seek to Do the Right Thing everywhere
  • All members of Anand Hospital Family share a core sense of values and has always remained patient centered in their every approach
  • We apply all our ideas, experiences and backgrounds in achieving success.

Our team of highly qualified health care professionals has years of experience in the best institutions of India. Our multi-specialty hospital set up is one of the first comprehensive set up in Western UP has the latest state- of-the-art equipments for both diagnostic and therapeutic services under single roof. They are devoted to offer specialised patient care. We offer efficient and excellent personalized care and patient oriented services at affordable rates in a friendly and clean environment.

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