24hrs Emergency Hospital in Meerut

Anand hospital offers good quality emergency care services in Western UP. We offer uniform emergency care services 24 hours a day and are geared to meet all surgical and medical emergencies. The primary goal of our department is to rapidly assess the condition of the patient and offer him/her the necessary medical facilities to take the condition under control.

When the question is of health of your loved ones, time and distance should not be the limiting factors. Therefore the integrated emergency services at Anand hospital are well coordinated with control centers to offer 24 hours uninterrupted services. We offer extremely competitive and specialised health care services.  Our medical emergency services department works quickly and efficiently under nerve-wracking circumstances along with handling difficult cases that are very challenging.

We have a scientifically developed protocol-driven emergency system that has several innovative and unique features-

  • Ambulances that are well equipped with necessary tools and is manned by trained personnel.
  • We have an effective communication system that links our control rooms to our ambulances and the emergency facilities of our hospital.
  • We have common functional and medical protocols across the system.
  • We also provide training to our medical staff for pre-hospital and in-hospital care.

Anand Hospital medical emergency services

Anand Hospital Ambulance service

Taking the right calls at right time and thinking on our feet can bring big differences between life and death. We ought to administer critical care to our patients and therefore we use an all-hands-on-deck approach to save lives of patients. We also specialise in offering emergency treatment services to the patients.  Depending on the criticality and speciality involved such as surgery or paediatric, we offer special care and attention to the patients and their families.

Our Team of Emergency Care Department

Our team of emergency care department works in a layered hierarchy wherein there is a CMO, casualty medical officer on duty 24 hours and seven days a week. The team of nurses and other health professionals make it sure that the resources are used with maximum precision and judiciously. The department is assisted by skilled staff nurses and nursing assistants.

The department is staffed by board-certified health specialists in the field of emergency and critical care. These staff members are specialty trained and certified health professionals in formulating and successfully implementing emergency and critical Care programs. Our state of the art facilities   attracts the most qualified health professionals across the country. Our department offers services 24 hours per day, 365 days per year to provide care for emergency case patients to make them feel good and healthier.

After the patient is stabilised, the consultants and physicians then take a call if or not to admit the patient to ICU. Since not all critical care patients need to be admitted to the hospital, some of them are needed to be admitted to the wards.

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