To us, patient Safety means a lot and so at Anand Hospital, we ensure that each and very patient is in good hands. We ought to deliver world class health care services to our clients and we are pleased to declare Excellent Patient care as our core value. We work with full dedication and devotion remaining patient centered in each of our acts to clarify what our community can expect from us in near future as a Hospital.

Our team of employees, staff members, Physicians and volunteers of Anand Hospital are highly devoted to provide world class care and exceptional health services with compassion that we would seek for our loved ones. We, at Anand Hospital take pride in holding ourselves accountable for delivering high standards of services that are easily observable. We make sure that our quality standards are measurable and apply to each and every department of our organisation and at each and every role across the hospital.

We promise our patients to treat them warmly as they expect from a health care professional. We make sure that at every level of the treatment, we listen to the patients and communicate clearly with them or their families about their health conditions. At Anand Hospital, we take care of the fact that we will be polite and ay due respect to your cultural beliefs, values and abilities. We will put in all our efforts in giving you a special treatment, including you as a part of the patient care team. While it will be anything regarding your health decision, we will always consult you and your family to let you know what you should expect.

In everything we pursue, our primary concern will be your safety, safety of the environment and safety to the community from our processes and technologies. To us, your safety is our top most priority.

  • ”Compassion”

    We remain empathetic to our patients and listen to them carefully and heal the physical, spiritual and emotional needs of patients with compassion that they expect.

  • ”Accountability”

    We at Anand Hospital take pride in holding ourselves responsible and accountable for everything we do. We make sure that we engage in a struggle to remain committed in delivering excellent services even if our values and missions are challenged.

  • ”Integrity”

    We will make sure to empathically listen to and react to patient’s situation and help them and their families in best of our ability. We will respond ethically and will remain undivided, sound and honest in our each endeavor. We will remain responsible and ethical in our actions ad hold ourselves accountable for our behavior. We will make sure to bring honesty, openness and respect in our behavior with the patients, their families and our co-workers.

  • ”Team

    We work in a team together as individuals and departments to help Anand Hospital deliver high quality services to patients and realise its greatest potential. We believe that staff working in a single direction with a common goal and a positive attitude, tends to deliver best services.

  • ”Excellence”

    By continuously directing our endeavours in improving our skills, programs and services, we strive to deliver excellent patient care services.