Severe cases of kidney infection can be treated using surgical procedures and treatments. Kidney specialists at Anand hospital, Meerut, suggest medications, physical therapy and a change of lifestyle for minor cases of kidney infection. However, if the above non-surgical methods of treatment fail, the patient has to undergo surgical treatment procedures. Some of the treatments for kidney infection include:

Sling procedures

It involves the use of synthetic strips which make up the sling. The strips are made from the body tissue of the patient and are used to form a sling around the bladder’s neck. This sling will help to support the bladder when pressure is applied such that it remains closed to prevent leaking of urine. It might be adjustable, tension free or conventional.

For the tension-free sling, it is made from mesh and hence it does not involve stitches.  To put this sling around the neck of the bladder, an incision under the urethra is made using a needle. The adjustable sling is used when the patient is under anesthesia and adjusted when the patient is awake. The conventional sling is made from the body tissues of a donor, patient or animal. It is placed into the abdominal part so that it can exert the right pressure on the bladder.

Bladder neck suspension

The aim is to apply pressure at the neck of the bladder as it is the one that separates the body from the urethra. The specialists at Anand hospital are the best in terms of kidney infection treatment. With their many years of providing successful treatment procedures for kidney infection related cases, they have what it takes. A cartilage is secured to prevent the urethra from sagging during the treatment process. The procedure might involve stitches at the abdomen where the patient may be required to use a catheter during the recovery process.

Bulking agents

Kidney specialists at Anand hospital will insert the agents carefully in the surrounding regions around the urethra to prevent leakage of urine. The agents are made from bone and teeth components like collagen and carbon-coated zirconium beads.


This is a device, which is removable, placed in the vagina and provides support around the pelvic organ prolapsed. It is made from plastic, or rubber or silicon.  You can find pessaries in Anand Hospital in a variety of shapes including among them Gellhorn, doughnut or inflatable.

If you have any type of kidney infection, whether minor or major, it is only safe to consult a kidney specialist, known as oncologist. Anand hospital, Meerut contains the best oncologists who have both the expertise and experience in dealing with major and minor kidney infection problems. Skills will play a huge role when dealing with kidney infection problems for patients. It is with this that you have to seek a reliable yet effective health center to have your kidney problem treated. You can get this at Anand hospital, as it has modern equipment, facility and specialists to successfully help you with your kidney infection problem.

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