The condition of your teeth will affect many things in your entire life. This will include the smile, how you bite, and your self-confidence in general. There is nothing embarrassing as putting your smile out in the public while you have gapped teeth. It can also affect how you bite food and hence a life changer. This is why you should have proper orthodontic. Anand Hospital, Meerut has the best dentists for orthodontic treatment. They advice the patients, on whether they should get the treatment or not. Not everyone should get this kind of treatment and it is only fair that you get a go ahead from a specialist like those in Anand Hospital, Meerut. In that case, it is advisable that you consult a dentist before you can undergo orthodontic treatment procedures. This will involve x-rays and how it will benefit you in the end.

Orthodontics is aimed at treating impacted and gapped teeth, crooked teeth, overbite and under bite. The treatment procedures are meant to keep everything normal. If you have crooked teeth that are affecting your smile, then orthodontic treatment procedures are necessary to bring the smile and the teeth back in line. The process of treatment can range from 18 months to 3 years depending on the individual.

There are different methods which are used to achieve this result. The use of braces is the most common. It helps to seal the gaps between teeth by holding them together into place as they grow. The use of a full headgear and rubber bands is also another method which is used in severe cases. However, this method is traditional and rarely used in the modern days. At Anand hospital, there are modern orthodontics which will help you to move your teeth into line without anyone noticing.

When your teeth and jaws are realigned, you improve your bite, have a better facial profile, reduce the potential of biting yourself or losing teeth, and proper hygiene of the teeth and mouth in general. When your teeth are impacted or spaced between each other, it can be difficult to clean them. Whether you are brushing or flossing them, it will make it difficult to maintain a proper hygiene. Having straight and even spaced teeth will build confidence when you are speaking in public and also easy to clean. It will also reduce or eliminate any pressure you might have on the jaw joints when speaking.

Orthodontic treatment can be performed for any age. However, if the patient is young the results will always be seen faster and the treatment will be more reliable as compared to when the patient is older. Dentists at Anand hospital advice this, as for young people it is when the initial permanent teeth come in and hence the treatment procedures can be more effective at such stages. The ideal age should be around 13 years since at this age, the bones and teeth will be easier to move. To get the best results, gums and teeth should be healthy before the treatment procedure can begin.

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