Want to have babies? Then keep your phones away because a new study has found that mobile phones can cook sperm and cause infertility in men.

The ill-effects of mobile phone use is continuously reported and several studies have warned people not to use them excessively as it can lead to anxiety, depression and even cancer.

‘Carrying mobile phones near the groin can lead to infertility in men.’


The Israeli study published in the Journal Reproductive BioMedicine has revealed that using mobile phones continuously or storing them in trouser pockets can cook the sperm and reduce the sperm count.

The study tracked 106 men over a year and found that sperm quantity reduced by 47% in men who carried their phones near to the groin compared to 11% in others. Researchers speculate that electromagnetic activity and heat energy coming from the phone can cook sperm, leading to its death and poor fertility rates.

Ariel Zilberlicht, lead author of the report, said, “In light of the research findings it is certainly recommended to shorten the duration of calls, not to carry the phone near the groin, not to sleep next to it, not to talk while it is being charged in fact, it is better to turn it off while it is being charged and to use a headset or hands-free kit whenever possible.”

Source: Medindia

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