A 60 year-old man is in critical medical condition after lighting a cigarette in his hospital bed in Havre De Grace (Harford County, Maryland) Saturday night.

Firefighters responded to Harford Memorial Hospital around 10:45 pm for an automatic alarm. According to report, when firefighters arrived hospital, they pulled an alarm after hearing a patient scream “fire” in room 302.

‘A 60 year-old patient lit a cigarette in his hospital bed which set his oxygen mask and bedding on fire.’


Nursing staff found the patient having trouble breathing and a small fire consisting of an oxygen mask and a blanket. Staff immediately put out the fire and treat the patient.

Fire investigators said the patient, identified as Steven K. Bock, lit a cigarette which set his oxygen mask and bedding on fire.

Bock was the only person in the room and was later transferred to the Johns Hopkins Bayview Center in critical health condition.

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