To commemorate the World Cancer Day (4 Feb), Anand Hospital is celebrating Cancer week from 2 Feb to 9 Feb 2017. There is a Screening Program and also Cancer Awareness Campaign through which one and all will be educated about this deadly disease. #cancerawarenessprogram #Cancerscreeningprogram


Infertility is nowadays the most common issue emerging out in both males and females. If you are trying to have a baby, but it is not happening then you might need to seek the assistance of a specialist. Infertility can be defined as a problem of inability to conceive after 12 months of trying to…


A healthy diet can only be achieved when you have a diet plan. However, it requires a level of commitment as it can be challenging to follow such a plan. Luckily, you can track your diet to make sure that you follow it through. Discipline has to be involved if you want to be successful…


Severe cases of kidney infection can be treated using surgical procedures and treatments. Kidney specialists at Anand hospital, Meerut, suggest medications, physical therapy and a change of lifestyle for minor cases of kidney infection. However, if the above non-surgical methods of treatment fail, the patient has to undergo surgical treatment procedures. Some of the treatments…

The condition of your teeth will affect many things in your entire life. This will include the smile, how you bite, and your self-confidence in general. There is nothing embarrassing as putting your smile out in the public while you have gapped teeth. It can also affect how you bite food and hence a life…

A Physical Therapist Helping A Patient With Neck Brace And On Cr

The role of physiotherapist is to restore the damaged tissues or parts of your body into their original form. This will include a series of exercises, rehabilitation and revitalization. In short he or she has to know your body and work on the part that requires restoration. Not all people who claim to be physiotherapists…

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