To commemorate the World Cancer Day (4 Feb), Anand Hospital is celebrating Cancer week from 2 Feb to 9 Feb 2017. There is a Screening Program and also Cancer Awareness Campaign through which one and all will be educated about this deadly disease. #cancerawarenessprogram #Cancerscreeningprogram


Microcephaly is a rare disorder that stunts brain development in utero, resulting in an abnormally small head. The Zika virus is one environmental cause of this devastating condition, but genetic defects can cause microcephaly, too. A new Duke University study examining three genetic causes of microcephaly in mice suggests one common mechanism through which the…


A study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology says that the location of body fat plays a critical role in the risk of the person developing high blood pressure. Obesity is a known risk factor for hypertension, or high blood pressure, and it is widely reported that the location of fat…


Lack of testosterone left macaques with periodontal disease, indicated a study that was recently published in the American Journal of Physical Anthropology. Qian Wang, associate professor in biomedical sciences, and Paul Dechow, Regents professor and biomedical sciences chair, analyzed the skeletonized remains of five castrated male rhesus macaques, all of which had died of natural…


For the 25 percent of type-2 diabetes patients who suffer from numbness and extreme nerve pain in their feet, a new dermatological treatment being tested by Northwestern Medicine scientists could potentially help prevent and maybe even reverse the neuropathy. In a study just published in Molecular Pain, Northwestern Medicine researchers showed that depleting a chemical…


Levels of a certain type of the Alzheimer’s disease-related tau protein are higher in patients aged 18 years and under, suffering early onset psychosis (EOP). The study by Dr Mathias Lundberg and Dr Neil Cleland, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden and colleagues is presented at this year’s International Early Psychosis Association (IEPA) meeting in Milan, Italy…


A draft law approved by the government declares that Germany will soon require all clients of prostitutes to use condoms. The new rule, which will enter in force in July 2017 if it secures parliamentary backing, is part of a package of measures aimed at offering greater protection to sex workers. ‘In Germany, prostitution was…


GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare to roll out an awareness campaign for Sensodyne, its toothpaste brand for sensitive teeth. The campaign – ‘Wake up to tooth sensitivity’ – will involve engagement with consumers, retail initiatives and efforts to increase digital awareness, the Indian unit of the UK headquartered company. Advertisement In India, 35% of individuals aged 15-60…


Triple negative breast cancer is so called because it lacks molecular characteristics that are associated with response to modern targeted treatments. Christos Hatzis of Yale University, New Haven, CT, USA and colleagues have described a new subtype of triple negative breast cancer that may be more amenable to treatment than other cases of this difficult-to-treat…

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